Because of Jenny|Review

Because of Jenny – Published 2021

“Eric is an 18-year-old struggling with depression and teetering on the brink of suicide when he encounters a gorgeous, utterly fascinating plot twist named Jenny. They meet in an unlikely way, but soon discover they’re kindred souls. A heroin addict, Jenny is also caught between wanting to escape life and wanting to live. Despite circumstances conspiring against them, Eric takes a leap of faith and decides to try and help Jenny. The two become an endearing pair, connecting through shared struggles and a mutual desire to overcome life’s myriad challenges, and they embark upon an adventure that seems destined to fail.

Funny, irreverent, insightful, tragic, and raw, Because of Jenny explores many of life’s deepest questions while shedding light on what remains a little known epidemic. An unflinching portrayal of addiction, love, and resilience, it’s a book you’ll never forget.” – Goodreads


Thank you to the author for reaching out and sharing his novel with me. It is heavy, dark, and oftentimes gut wrenching.

When I started the book I wasn’t sure it was for me, maybe a little too overwhelming, especially given the times we’re living in right now, when so many are struggling with mental health. However, I gave it a chance and became invested in Eric and Jenny’s story. I liked how their stories were separate until woven together, how well they clicked, and the adventures (and challenges) that they encountered together.

There are some pretty strong topics that are handled with delicate care in this novel. I think Brad did a great job of tackling them with grace and honesty. I’ll list those that came to mind below.

P.S. The peanut butter waffles at Waffle House ARE the best.

TW: drug abuse, sexaul assault, depression, suicide, drug addiction


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