A Week of Blogging: Monday|My Go-To Book Recommendations for Students

As a middle school English teacher, I am always helping my students find books that they’re interested in or that they’re in the mood for. Below are some of my go-to recommendations depending on the type of story you’re in the mood for:

Do you want a love story that won’t tear you apart? Kasie West. Anything by her, really.

Image result for kasie west books

Do you want something really sad? How about a story of two best friends, one of whom is dying of cancer?

Image result for maybe one day

Something about mental health? But promise me you’ll read the book before you watch the movie.

Image result for the perks of being a wallflower book

Something funny? 

Image result for nice try, jane sinner

Something scary? This one has a crazy plot twist.

Image result for we were liars

I’m sorry, you’ve never read Harry Potter? No, the movies don’t count.

Image result for harry potter book one

You loved The Hunger Games? Try this series; it’s awesome and involves another dystopian society where love is considered a disease that must be erased!

Image result for delirium book




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