Wishes – Publishing 2022

Eloise is an assistant director and recent transplant to New York.

A move she made in hopes of fulfilling her dream of one day being THE director.

Her sister continuously sets her up on blind dates hoping she can help her find love.

Unfortunately they are far from it.

Combining her horrendous dating life with being yelled at daily by an evil boss, Eloise finds herself getting lost in books.

Daydreaming of the life the women live in them, until a night out with a co-worker on her birthday changes everything. 

Close your eyes, wish for your heart’s deepest desire, then blow out the candle. There’s just one problem. Some wishes should never be made.” – BookFunnel


Thank you to the author and SmutHood for the free ebook! This was steeeeeamy!

I thought this was such an interesting premise, and there’s a twist in there that will really have your heart racing!

This book is a quick read. It’s got a friends to lovers trope. It’s got the mafia. It’s got a horrible boss. And it’s really good! 4 stars!

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