Score Her Heart|Review

Score Her Heart – Published 2021

It must have been all the whiskey. It’s the only explanation for why I agreed to marry my best friend after I was left at the altar.

After burning up the sheets with him all night long, I wanted a divorce, but my new husband had other plans. He thinks we have a future together, so I granted him his request of a trial run.

I just didn’t think the Hookup King was husband material.

I’m tired of the hookup life, and tired of women who can’t handle my grueling hockey schedule. But none of those women were Fiona freaking Gallagher, my one and only love.

I only have a couple months to prove to Fi that this marriage was going to work, and I’m not about to let her go this time. I play to win, and my goal was to make sure she never took off her wedding ring.” – Goodreads


A huge thank you to Danica Flynn for the ARC copy of this steamy novel! It is the second one in the Philadelphia Bulldogs series, and oh man – it’s even better than the first!

The Bulldogs are back, and this time the story is centered around a marriage of convenience trope. I had no idea I’d love this as much as I did, but I absolutely devoured this book in one evening. Fiona and Riley are childhood best friends who get married when Fiona’s fiance leaves her at the altar. Riley, having been in love with her for most of his life, steps in and suggests they keep all of the reservations and get married themselves. Then he spends the next several months trying to convince his wife to love him. And spoiler alert – it’s so wonderful.

Another steamy novel with great depth. Fiona’s also a writer, just like Dinah in book one, and Riley plays on the same hockey team as Noah. The story overlaps a little bit, when we get to see some shenanigans between Noah and Dinah from an outside perspective. This book reads fast, it’s addictive, and it will have you guessing who’s up for book three. I mean, there’s a book three, right? All of the stars for me.

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