What You Wish For|Review

What You Wish For – Published 2020

“Samantha Casey is a school librarian who loves her job, the kids, and her school family with passion and joy for living. But she wasn’t always that way.

Duncan Carpenter is the new school principal who lives by rules and regulations, guided by the knowledge that bad things can happen. But he wasn’t always that way.

And Sam knows it. Because she knew him before—at another school, in a different life. Back then, she loved him—but she was invisible. To him. To everyone. Even to herself. She escaped to a new school, a new job, a new chance at living. But when Duncan, of all people, gets hired as the new principal there, it feels like the best thing that could possibly happen to the school—and the worst thing that could possibly happen to Sam. Until the opposite turns out to be true. The lovable Duncan she’d known is now a suit-and-tie wearing, rule-enforcing tough guy so hell-bent on protecting the school that he’s willing to destroy it.

As the school community spirals into chaos, and danger from all corners looms large, Sam and Duncan must find their way to who they really are, what it means to be brave, and how to take a chance on love—which is the riskiest move of all.” – Goodreads


Another day, another Katherine Center book I loved. This is one that I can’t stop thinking about. It starts so heavy, but the romance element, the dating without actually dating, ugh…I just loved it so much.

Here our main character has developed a life she loves in a small town. She works at the school, in the library, and absolutely adores her staff. In her past life she had her heart broken by the teaching staff’s class clown of her former school, and she has finally gotten over him and started her new life far, far away.

So when he’s hired as the new principal for her beloved school after a tragic loss, all of those feelings come back to the surface. And this time? He’s no longer fun and quirky. He’s all business.

If you haven’t read any Katherine Center books yet, this is your sign. They’re wonderful.


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