Put a Spell On You

Put a Spell on You – Publishing 2023

“Whatever energy you put out into the world, for good or for harm, shall come back to you threefold. The Rule of Three was the first lesson Ana Whalen was taught as a witch– right before manifestation and tarot card tricks. Yet, one night of cheap champagne and a small pity party before turning the dreaded 3-0, and all ethical magic goes straight out the window. Ana casts the worst spell she can think of, one befitting the one man who left her high and dry after their whirlwind summer Dominic Rovnik. Because really, how much trouble can a teensy well-deserved hex cause? When Dominic ends up banging on her door demanding answers and Ana has more bad luck piling up by the minute, it turns out the answer is a lot. What started out as simple revenge quickly turns back into the passionate affair haunting them both. Only this time, neither of them are willing to let the other get away so easily.

Return to Barnett in this second chance, found family romance sequel to Bewitched by You . The Barnett Witches are back to take on their own love stories with plenty of small town drama. Perfect for readers who can’t resist the magical charm of Practical Magic or the sweet swoons of a romantic comedy with an emotional happily ever after.” – Goodreads


Thank you to Kendra Mase for the ebook ARC! I adored Bewitched By You, so I was very excited to read this one, the second in the Barnett Witches world.

Mases books read so easily. They’re quick reads, they’re so fun to read, and each chapter leaves you excited to keep going.

I absolutely loved both MCs here, but particularly Dom. He seems so much worse than he is originally, and little by little we get more and more backstory. I really enjoyed how that evolved.

If you’re looking for a witchy romance, you’ll love this one, too!


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