Date to Kiss You|Review

Dare to Kiss You – Publishing 2023

“I assumed my secret crush on my next door neighbour would stay just that – a secret.

Until my best friend dared me to ask him out.

I never turn down a dare…

It started as a way for me to learn to trust men again, after having that trust broken by my ex. But it quickly turned into something more.

I knew Hunter was an amazing man, full of energy and light. What I wasn’t prepared for were the deep emotions he hides from the world. And it’s that vulnerable, soft side of him that I’m falling for, just as much as the golden retriever energy everyone else sees.

Being with Hunter is a dream come true. Until my meddling brothers start to pull at the seams of what we’re building.

Now I’m terrified the man I’m falling for will ignore what’s in his heart, and push me away.

Our relationship began because of a dare, but now I know it could be the start of forever. I just have to get Hunter to believe that too.” – Goodreads


Thank you to Julia Jarrett for the ARC of this book! This story was previously released as a novella, which I read, but I so enjoyed hearing the whole story this go around. There was certainly more to it than previously known.

This book has all the small town vibes as Julia’s others, but it also has those Donnelly siblings, a whole lotta steam, and some serious pining!

Hunter and Kat’s story is so sweet and genuine. Hunter has anxiety and a learning disability, and as a result has very low confidence. Kat is hardworking and also recovering from a harsh breakup. They’ve both been crushing on one another for a long time, and it’s time to finally act on it!


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