The Honest Mom Project|Review

The Honest Mom Project – Published 2023

“If you’ve ever questioned your role in life as a mother, or had regrets about becoming a mother, or just fell apart when you became a mother, seemingly overnight; if you resent that your partner seems to be living their normal life while you mourn the dramatic change to the abnormal in yours, or if you’re frustrated at how the dynamics for all of your friendships have shifted, if social media communities constantly make you the most insecure you’ve ever felt, or if you are just so bored out of your mind all the damn time…

Then The Honest Mom Project is for you.

The Honest Mom Project shares all the unmarketable feelings moms think and feel, but are afraid to say in public, creating a comfort zone for moms like you to do the same. This book will break the mom seal, giving you validation that yes, motherhood can suck at times, and it’s okay to finally acknowledge and release what’s been inside you for way too long. Breaking the mom seal is the only way to find your unique self, true friendships, a strong marriage, and the ability to enjoy motherhood your way.

I am a health coach who has focused on fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum wellness for the past nine years, and I am also a mother who has experienced each and every one of the feelings I discuss in this book. Through my years of research and personal experience, I’ve found tools that can help you through this very difficult time of adjustment. With each section, and the discussions within, you will become stronger and more confident in acknowledging and beginning to break free from what is really holding you back. You will start to connect, believe, and work toward building the unique life—as both a mother and a person—that you deserve.

The Honest Mom Project is just that: honest. Here, you will have the opportunity to connect with each feeling, and breathe a sigh of relief after you let it all out. You will learn and understand basic human needs that are at the root of these feelings you have, and you can finally come to know that you’re not a terrible mother. You’re simply a human going through the most massive change.

There is no place in this book for judgment, I assure you. Just tips and strategies to accept, understand, and work through your experience so you can:

● Start connecting with the feelings you have
● Allow feelings that have been hiding to finally come to the surface
● Acknowledge that these feelings are real, regardless of anyone else
● Find people you can trust (even if it’s only me!) and talk about these feelings
● Build confidence that these feelings don’t make you a bad mom
● Break free from outside expectations, guilt, and resentment
● Escape the fantasies of motherhood and find your reality
● Create your own story of how motherhood will be for you
● Get off the deserted island, find your community, and start “enjoying” motherhood

Mom, you don’t have to sit on your deserted island any longer. You don’t have to wait for your best friend, mother, or doctor to tell you that your feelings are important and real. The longer you wait, the longer you will be in the narrative you’re creating. The moment you turn this page and start the first chapter is the moment you will begin to heal and create your own story.

You deserve to be happy and enjoy motherhood. Not every moment (#letsbereal), but it can get better. It does get better…(mostly).

Ready for some honesty?” – Goodreads


Thank you to Michelle Mansfield of TheHonestMomPod for the gifted copy of this book! This book is a little bit advice, a little bit workbook, and a lot of bit honest. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows in parenting, and this was really affirming for those “mom guilt” moments and moments when you don’t feel worthy.

Here are some ideas that align with what I try to remind myself of:

– you are still a person. A whole ass person, and it’s okay to have things that are your own.

– sometimes it’s just really hard; they’re so cute, those kids, but man they can be challenging

– after you have a kid you don’t feel like yourself and you’ll mourn your former self, and that’s okay

I’m linking this book in my stories. It’s available on BookBaby and Amazon!


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