Grounded – Publishing 2023

“When Amelia’s father remarries right as she’s college-bound, she decides to leave behind his happy new beginning and her new stepbrother, Theo, for good. He can remain a mystery and a stranger for all she cares. The three months they lived together proved as much.

Now, 10 years later, Amelia finds herself in a situation where she has nowhere else to go but home. To her dad who is madly in love with his second wife. To a stepmom she never accepted. To her childhood home that no longer holds the memories she shared with her late mother.

And to Theo, who also had to return home. Except he’s no longer the awkward teenager she barely remembers. In fact, he looks like an Abercrombie model off her posters from high school.

They might be older, but their immature ways are returning. It’s not easy sharing a bathroom, and it’s even more difficult resisting the temptation that followed them into adulthood. It’s been a decade since their last encounter, and Amelia will soon find out home is where the hate is.” – Goodreads


Absolutely love this author and her stories!


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