Bewitched By You|Review

Bewitched By You – Published 2022

“Her best friend is top of her class and currently on a fast track to land her dream job. Her coven members have all found their passions in life and are excited to start their next chapter. Even her arch nemesis and Barnett University’s star football player, Ryan Gardner, has future plans. Sure, they’re to become a permanent nuisance in her life, but still. Everyone else seems to have life figured out except her.

Lu’s big plans? Procrastinating the future by throwing all her energy into creating the most fantastic Samhain–Halloween–celebration BU has ever seen. That is, if she can convince the student council she won’t perform any satanic rituals.

Cue the eye roll.

But when Ryan sustains a career-ending injury and Lu receives an offer from her sweet yet meddling coven matriarch that causes her to rethink everything, Lu also begins to question if the strongest magic may be taking a chance on love.

And herself.” – Goodreads


If you have the time to squeeze in a fall-ish read this weekend, I strongly recommend this one. It is so sweet and fun, and I read it in one day.

This one will give you 90s teen movie vibes in the very best way, but it also mixes in a witchy element, a crappy roommate, and a library sleepover.

I just wanted to hug this book when I was done. I was definitely smiling like a fool. So stinkin’ sweet!


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