On the Line|Review

On the Line – Publishing 2022

“Two years ago, professional hockey player Mitch Frambough and headhunter Lexie Monroe met on a late-October night and sparks flew. They fell hard for each other, and everyone thought they were endgame.

But now they’re not together.

In fact, they don’t even live in the same state.

When Mitch was traded from the Warriors to the Los Angeles Knights, his entire life changed with one phone call. His relationship with Lexie was in ruins, and the only way he could prevent further heartbreak was to leave Michigan without a backwards glance. Except, when his life is once again upended in a split second, he finds himself back in the Mitten. Surprisingly, everyone welcomes him home with open arms. Everyone except the one person he desperately wants: Lexie.

Lexie has never believed in love, and for good reason. The one time she gave it a shot—her relationship with Mitch—it ended in disaster. Now she’s washed her hands of the whole thing: love, relationships, him. Having him clear across the country helped. But when he returns to Detroit, everyone in her life is begging her to give him another chance. The only problem is Mitch doesn’t seem interested. Plus, she’d be stupid to let him close enough to break her again.

Call it karma or the gods or fate, but something has drawn these two back together. And now it’s time for them to choose: either they put their hearts on the line again, or they walk away for good this time.

After all, how often does love get a second chance?

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Please note this book contains an alcoholic parent, traumatic injury, using alcohol and sex as a bandaid for emotional pain, emotionally unavailable parents/issues of abandonment, strong language, and explicit sex.” – Goodreads


Thank you to Amanda Chaperon for the ARC copy of the 2nd book in the For the Boys series! I read book 1 on a vacation to Florida this past spring, so it was only natural that I read book 2 when I returned to that same hotel this past week!

Books set in your home state just hit different. This one is partially set in Michigan, and I just loved it so much.

This is part second chance, part sports romance. It’s steamy, it’s a slow burn, and the characters are divine.

I love a found family story, and this group of teammates and friends is unlike any other. It has a bit of the same feel as the Bromance boys, as they’re all open with their feelings and unapologetically going after what they want.

I read both books very quickly, but this one was even more addictive than the first. I thought Amanda’s writing got even stronger in this book, and it’s evident that she loves these characters and wants them to find their happiness.

Cannot recommend this series enough! It’s so good!

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