Mixed Signals|Review

Mixed Signals – Published 2022

“Layla Dupree has given up on love.

She’s waded through all of the fish in the sea, each one more disappointing than the last. Apparently owning the bakery at Inglewild’s most romantic destination does not help one’s love life—despite her best efforts. All she wants is a partner who gives her butterflies, not someone who ghosts her at dinner and leaves her with the check.

Good thing Caleb Alvarez has the perfect solution.

After saving Layla from another date gone bad, he has a simple proposition: One month of no-strings dating. He’ll do his best to renew her faith in men while she rates his dating game. It’s a win-win situation. All the benefits of dating, without the added pressure of feelings and unmet expectations.

But there’s one ingredient they haven’t considered. The chemistry between them is red hot and the urge to take things to the next level is more tempting than Layla’s double fudge mocha brownies.

Will the heat between them boil over? Or will it be another case of mixed signals?

Mixed Signals is a sweet and steamy small-town romance. Our story features a bashful man who can rock a Hawaiian shirt, a hopeful and dreamy bakery owner, enough sweets to give you a cavity, and your favorite Inglewild residents. Mixed Signals is a standalone romance and the third book in the Lovelight series, a collection of interconnected novels.” – Goodreads


Thank you to B.K. Borison for the ARC!

This is book 3 in the Lovelight series. This past winter I read Lovelight Farms and deemed it my new favorite romcom of all time.

This book follows Caleb who believes he isn’t good at dating and Layla the baker on the farm who believes her luck in dating has run out. Together they decide to date one another, but only for “practice”. The rest is delicious.

This book is perfection. It will make you hungry for baked goods. It will make you swoon. It’s a got steam, romance, the Lovelight crew, and those small town vibes.

The phone tree, the croissants, the epilogue. It’s too good.

Read this series if you haven’t yet! This book releases TOMORROW!

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