Sweating Together|Review

Sweating Together – Published 2021

“In 2012 John Foley and a group of co-founders launched Peloton, an interactive fitness and media company.  In less than 10 years the company would be worth billions, disrupt the fitness industry and create a rabid, life changing community of members using sweat to span the digital and physical worlds.

Join Peloton fanatic and George Mason University entrepreneurship professor David J. Miller (#ChicagoBorn on the Peloton platform) as he dives deep into the people, business models and stories behind the ascent of Peloton.  From well-being, social media and gamification to the role of physical space in a digital world, talent retention and community building, there is no better venture for understanding our ever-expanding innovation fueled, well-being economy than Peloton.

Miller unwittingly became a Peloton addict and spent thousands of hours sweating and growing relationships with Peloton members; he interviewed founders John Foley and Tom Cortese as well as other senior Peloton leaders, and Peloton celebrity instructors Robin Arzon, Matt Wilpers, Jenn Sherman and Jess King. Join Miller and race into the future with Peloton.” – Amazon


I can fully admit that I thought the Peloton community was kind of a cult, and to be honest – it kind of is. However, I also thought the bike was a waste of money…and then I tried it. I’ve never in my life worked out so consistently, and with cardio at that. I’ve gone through spurts where I’d do some YouTube workouts or lift some light weights, but I’d never consistently work myself to the point of sweating or being breathless. So when I saw there was a book about how Peloton came to be the success that it is, I was on board.

This book tells the story of the author’s journey as well as the marketing behind Peloton. It talks about the business model, competitors, instructors, the community, and more.


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