Love and Leashes|Review

Love and Leashes – Publishing 2022

“We were high school best friends, nothing more.
No matter how much I wanted more.

When I walked into biology and met my new lab partner, my heart skipped a beat. Kelly Erickson was gorgeous, funny, and easy to be around. But I kept my attraction to her hidden.
She needed a friend, and nothing more, and I was happy to be just that. At sixteen, how could I have known that my future would include a failed marriage and my life in tatters? Or that Kelly would be the one to help me pick up the pieces.
The problem is I can’t tell who she’s happier to be around – me or my dog.
Oliver’s my furry best friend, and now he’s my competition for the affection of my human best friend.
I know they say dogs love their owners unconditionally, but now I need to convince Kelly that this dog and his owner love her, and that she is the best parts of my past, and the only person we want in our future.” – Goodreads


Thank you to Julia Jarrett for the ARC of this very sweet novella.

I love going to Dogwood Cove again and seeing old friends 🙂

This is a friends to lovers story with a bit of close proximity, small town romance, and a little bit of second chance. The friendship is so sweet, the romance is pure, and the friend group, gahh. Plus, there’s a dog.

Don’t sleep on Julia’s books. They’re wonderful!


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