Work and Play|Review

Work and Play – Published 2022

“Forced to share an AirBNB with a hot guy? Check

That hot guy being my new boss? Check.

The fact that my hot boss clearly doesn’t want me here? You guessed it, check.

Landing the interior design job at Finn McNeil’s new winery in Dogwood Cove is supposed to be my fresh start. Let’s just say things aren’t going as planned. 

Finn clearly doesn’t want my help, questioning my design choices at every turn. He’s grumpy, stubborn, and annoyingly sexy. To top it all off, sharing a house together means running into each other at inopportune times, like when I accidentally see every gorgeous inch of him in the shower, naked.

In spite of all that, I’m determined to win him over with my charm and professionalism. Not only do I need this job, but the town has become more than a place to earn a living, it’s become home. 

Still, I should know better than to let the lines blur between work and play. Neither of us know how to do relationships and this is bound to end in disaster. But what if it turns out to be the perfect blend for love instead?” – Goodreads


Thank you to Julia for the ARC copy of her newest book! This is the third in the Dogwood Cove series, all sweet romances set on a small island. This story is that of Noah and Ashley, two individuals who share a meet cute before discovering they’ll be working with one another on a big project. And they’ll be sharing an AirBnB.

Forced proximity + small town vibes + the best friend group + steam = 5 stars.

This book is romantic, steamy, and wonderful. It’s a quick read that will have you wanting more!

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