Full Out|Review

Full Out – Published 2022

In Full Out, “the Bill Belichick of cheerleading” (The Cut) Coach Monica Aldama shares how she built one of the most successful and beloved cheerleading programs in the country. Her uncompromising brand of discipline and consistency goes far beyond the mat—showing how the principles of building a winning team apply to personal goals, the corporate world, parenting, and all aspects of life.

There’s a lot of talk these days about shortcuts and life hacks, but what really counts is commitment and integrity, helping your friends, and improving with your teammates. Coach Monica shares deeply personal stories of triumph and tragedy—from divorce and remarriage to her husband, her challenges as a young mother working more than full time, and her strenuous weeks on Dancing with the Stars. She shares surprising behind-the-scenes moments from the Cheer docuseries, and insights gleaned from more than two decades of pushing students to succeed. A true force and inspiration who has captured hearts around the world, Coach Monica will show you how to take command of your talent, make the most of your potential, and find your drive to win.” – Amazon


I have been coaching competitive cheer for 16 years now; to say that it’s a big part of my life would be a drastic understatement. So, when the show Cheer aired on Netflix, I was very into it. I binged the whole season in one day.

When Monica’s book came out, I knew I wanted to read it. This is the first book that I’ve annotated in a long time, and I plan to read a lot of what I flagged to my team. I thought this was a good book on leadership that anyone can enjoy, but those affiliated with cheerleading in any way will appreciate even more.

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