Stranded Ranch|Review

Stranded Ranch – Published 2021

“This novella is currently available for VIP newsletter subscribers only! Visit the author’s website for more information!

Her past came back to surprise her. But her past is now a flirty hot cowboy so…

I wasn’t sure why I gave up a week in the Bahamas with friends to visit my grandparent’s home in Wyoming.

In January.

But one phone call to the ranch to check-in was all it took.
It didn’t matter that the worst storm to hit Wyoming in years was upon us. I needed to be there. I just didn’t know why.

But a road closure and a surprise knock on the door brought back sweet memories from my past. And perhaps a handsome cowboy for my future.

And I can’t help but think that the unexpected is often the best surprise of all.” – Goodreads


Thank you to Cindy Steel for making this one available for her newsletter subscribers! Cindy wrote one of my favorite holiday stories ever, A Christmas Spark.

This book is about a girl visiting her grandparents during a wicked snowstorm on their ranch. It’s bedtime when who should arrive but an old friend who has grown up to be an attractive cowboy. He needs a place to stay, and her grandparents could really use his help during the storm.

This is sweet, funny, and romantic. I loved it! If you haven’t read any by this author yet, get to it!

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