Blind Date|Review

Blind Date – published 2021

“The seventh title in the Dating series, originally published in the Tis The Season anthology and now extended into a full length book!

Amelia Lee is in desperate need of a change.

Finally free from her controlling ex-boyfriend, she’s not looking to date someone new, even though all of her friends are encouraging her to do exactly that. One in particular believes she’s found the perfect guy for Amelia. So she sets her up on a blind date.

At a wedding.

Amelia has no idea the guy she bumped into at her friend’s Christmas tree farm is the same one she’s been set up with at a wedding reception. Isaac Jones is a nice guy. A good looking guy. A much younger guy. No way could they be compatible – they have nothing in common.

The more time Amelia spends with Isaac though, the more she realizes he just might be perfect for her. He makes her laugh. He’s a complete gentleman. And they’re definitely compatible between the sheets…

But is he only the rebound guy? Or can they actually make this newfound romance work?” – Goodreads


I picked this book up on a whim because of its cover, and it was so cute! I’m trying to read a holiday book a month so I can catch up, and this was a nice kickoff to that challenge.

This book’s a little steamy, real cute, and very fast-paced. It’s part of a series, but I read it as a standalone and had no problems.

Festive setting, an unlikely pair, a good friend group, and a solid read!

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