The Acts of Life|Review

The Acts of Life – Published 2021

“Sam and Stella are closer than most brothers and sisters. Born only minutes apart, they grew up to be best friends and lifelong adversaries. Sam’s twin sister put the “rival” in sibling rivalry.

Sam ignores Stella’s competitive nature about who’s living a better life. So what if his law degree isn’t getting much use. And his previous relationship was a failure. And his Sundays are spent hung-over with his buddies. Despite Stella’s opposition, Sam is happy.

Stella is happier, just in case anyone asked. She has it all. Skyrocketing career? Check. Impending fiancé? Check. Friends? She was too busy achieving her goals (and stepping on innocent bystanders) to form friendships. All she needs is her twin brother.

Sam has accepted his place at the bottom. And there’s never been a threat to the hierarchy… until Harper. Sam’s unexpected one-night stand has the potential to be so much more. So why isn’t Stella happy for her brother?

A rivalry like theirs isn’t short on secrets. False appearances are easier to fake when you’re already so good at pretending. And for Sam and Stella, the lies are getting in the way of the truth: are they really happy or just acting the part?” – Goodreads



I bought this book this summer when I started seeing it on Bookstagram as being written by one of our own. I’ve since seen it reviewed and adored by so many, so I abandoned my TBR and binged this puppy in one day. I had no intention of reading it in basically one sitting, but it was un-put-downable. I am not joking when I say this is one of my best reads of the year. Having chatted with Kristin somewhat frequently on this platform definitely added an additional level of buy-in, but holy cannoli this book is good.

It is steamy. It is scary. It is addictive. It is absolutely worth the hype, especially with a twist that will have you reeling. I am still feeling the book hangover days later. It’s been compared to Verity, and I agree. The ending will have you scream typing in your DMs.

If you take any of my book recommendations seriously, let it be this one. You need this book. Right now.

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