Rumours and Romance|Review

Rumours and Romance – Publishing 2021

“We said we wouldn’t fall for each other.

Turns out, that was as big of a lie as the relationship everyone thinks we’re having.

Jackson Holt is the new vet in town, and he’s exactly the kind of man I would want… If I wanted a man, that is. But I don’t. At least not right now. I don’t have the time or the desire to date, not while I’m trying to expand my bakery. Besides, he’s been hurt before, and claims he has no intention of letting anyone into his heart. We can be friends, and just ignore the rumours that fly about there being more to it than that.

Except my friends think I’m lonely, and his boss wants him to set down roots before offering him a promotion. So why not turn our friendship into something that benefits us both, without any of the hassle of actually being in a relationship?

But what happens when fake dating turns into real feelings?

A real mess. And maybe, also the start of real love…” – Goodreads


Thank you to Julia Jarrett for the ARC of this sweet book! I have adored every book she’s shared with me, and I will continue to read them all because they’re so well-done, engaging and wonderful.

They’re also steamy! And they usually have a small town involved, which I love.

This one did NOT disappoint. I loved the characters and their independence. Neither wants children, and I think a lot of times when people don’t want kids they’re misunderstood or shamed. In reality, it’s just a choice.

I thought this book was sweet, funny, and so romantic. Julia’s books can be devoured quickly, but they stay with you for long after. I am still reeling from Jackson and Mila’s story!

If you haven’t read anything by this author yet, hop to it!

P.S. I’ve got to know, is brown sugar in coffee a thing?!

P.P.S. I happen to like bran muffins, thank you very much! 🤪


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