If It’s Perfect|Review

If It’s Perfect – Published 2020

“One thing I learned this week: DO NOT flirt while at a client’s wedding. (especially with anyone in a tux)

Success-driven Hope Fletcher has some lofty goals for her life. But is it really too much to want a thriving cake design business by age 29? Marry a perfect (emphasis on the perfect) man by age 30? Then have the kids, dog, and house in suburbia by age 34? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Dean. Wonderful, dreamy Dean who loves kids (and will eventually grow to love dogs) steps into Hope’s world. He’s the exact type of man she’s been looking for and she starts falling. Hard.

But will Hope’s perfect image of Dean crumble when she finds out about his past?” – Goodreads


Anyone else want to admit to checking the “New to Hoopla” section every single day? Imagine my surprise when Summer’s first book popped up on there! I have read her second book (which I adored), but hadn’t read the first yet. Each can absolutely be read as standalones, but I’m happy now to be “caught up”.

Summer’s books are delightful. They’re clean, sweet, and funny. Each so far has been centered around strong, independent women who have gotten themselves into a pickle when it comes to men. Shenanigans ensue, and a feel-good ending is headed your way.

Both books are now on Hoopla!


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