So This is Christmas|Review

So This is Christmas – Published 2021

“When Finley Brown returned to her hometown of Christmas, Oklahoma, from boarding school, she expected to find it just as she left it. Christmas hasn’t changed much in her sixteen years. But instead she returns to find that her best friend is dating her ex-boyfriend, her parents have separated, and her archnemesis got a job working at her grandmother’s inn. And she certainly didn’t expect to find the boy she may or may not have tricked into believing that Christmas was an idyllic holiday paradise on her grandmother’s doorstep. It’s up to Finley to make sure he gets the Christmas he was promised. This is Finley’s Christmas. It’s about home and family and friends and finding her place, and along the way she also finds the best Christmas present of all: love.” – Goodreads


Thank you to Netgalley and PRHAudio for the gifted copy of this book! This is such a wonderful adorable story with very great Christmas vibes.

While it does have a love story involved, I thought it was more focused on friendships and family. Finley is struggling with fitting in at her exclusive boarding school, she is going through some drama with her ex and one of her close friends, and her parents are potentially separating.

Great to get you into the holiday spirit. It should be called, “So, this is adorable!”


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