Rock the Boat|Review

Rock the Boat – Published 2021

“When Kate Campbell’s life in Manhattan suddenly implodes, she is forced to return to Sea Point, the small town full of quirky locals, quaint bungalows, and beautiful beaches where she grew up. She knows she won’t be home for long; she’s got every intention (and a three-point plan) to win back everything she thinks she’s lost.

Meanwhile, Miles Hoffman–aka “The Prince of Sea Point”–has also returned home to prove to his mother that he’s capable of taking over the family business, and he’s promised to help his childhood best friend, Ziggy Miller, with his own financial struggles at the same time. Kate, Miles, and Ziggy converge in Sea Point as the town faces an identity crisis when a local developer tries to cash in on its potential. The summer swells, and white lies and long-buried secrets prove as corrosive as the salt air, threatening to forever erode not only the bonds between the three friends but also the landscape of the beachside community they call home.” – Goodreads


Thank you to Netgalley and PRH Audio for the gifted copies of this book!

This book really took me by surprise. I went in fairly blind and had no idea the emotional rollercoaster that it would take me on. It opens with a Madeline reference, so I was hooked right away. I also adored that each chapter had a unique title.

While I could absolutely like this book during the winter months, I especially loved it as a summer read. Sea Point is a town I’d love to visit. I love a touristy town with close-bonded locals. The Rock the Boat party, The Wharf, the local library, I love it all. The characters are all going through some hard points of adulthood, whether it’s a breakup, trying to figure out a career path, or navigating grief after the loss of a parent, they’re going through it while also trying to rekindle old friendships now that everyone’s finally all back together in the same place.

I really enjoyed this book.


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