The Intimacy Experiment|Review

The Intimacy Experiment – Published 2021

“Naomi Grant has built her life around going against the grain. After the sex-positive start-up she cofounded becomes an international sensation, she wants to extend her educational platform to live lecturing. Unfortunately, despite her long list of qualifications, higher ed won’t hire her.

Ethan Cohen has recently received two honors: LA Mag named him one of the city’s hottest bachelors and he became rabbi of his own synagogue. Taking a gamble in an effort to attract more millennials to the faith, the executive board hired Ethan because of his nontraditional background. Unfortunately, his shul is low on both funds and congregants. The board gives him three months to turn things around or else they’ll close the doors of his synagogue for good.

Naomi and Ethan join forces to host a buzzy seminar series on Modern Intimacy, the perfect solution to their problems–until they discover a new one–their growing attraction to each other. They’ve built the syllabus for love’s latest experiment, but neither of them expected they’d be the ones putting it to the test.” – Goodreads


Holy slow burn. Where The Roommate started very early with an immediate chemistry and steam, these characters made us wait.

I don’t typically love books that are centered around religion, but I thought The Intimacy Experiment did this in a way that it was not preachy, and was still an interesting component to the storyline. Additionally Naomi is a former sex worker, so when you couple that with a rabbi whose synagogue is in trouble, it makes for an interesting pairing!

I liked this one a lot, though not quite as much as The Roommate. Still absolute recommend this to anyone who loves romance!

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