Always & Forever|Review

Always and Forever – Published 2021

“He’s my childhood best friend’s older brother, a man I haven’t seen in eighteen years.

But while I was gone, Ethan Monroe went from the boy I knew to the seriously hot mayor of our small town. I’m talking plaid-wearing, scruff-bearing, panty-melting gorgeous.

The thing is, I didn’t come back to Dogwood Cove to date. I’m only here to deal with my estranged father’s will and figure out what to do with the run-down beachfront resort he decided to leave me.

The resort needs a lot of work, and Ethan offers to help. He makes a tool belt look good and watching him lift heavy loads is making me wish we were more than just friends. And if the looks he gives me are any indication, that attraction goes both ways.

Except I’ve got trust issues that can’t be repaired with a hammer and nails, and my wounded heart is only just beginning to heal.
Coming back to Dogwood Cove is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. Risking my new life for a man, for love, feels wrong.

But what if Ethan is the reason moving back feels so right?” – Goodreads


Thank you to Julia for the gifted ebook ARC!

Earlier this year I read a collection of novellas by Julia and absolutely loved them, so when given the opportunity to read an ARC of the first in this new collection, I was very excited!

Dogwood Cove’s first couple did not disappoint! Summer and Ethan are childhood friends (her best friend is his sister), and I love that dynamic. They had steam, chemistry, and they communicate well (almost all of the time). I also love the smalltown feel of Julia’s books; they all make me want to move to a very small town where I can walk wherever I need to go. Summer spends a good portion of this story living above a bakery. Imagine just going downstairs for coffee every morning, coffee that someone else has prepared for you. Swoon.

Julia’s books are short, steamy, funny, and sweet. They can be devoured quickly, and you’ll always be rooting for the couples to work out. I cannot wait for the second book, and kept looking for clues along the way to find out who the couple will be! Absolutely check this one, or others by this author, out!

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