Heartbreakers & Fakers|Review

Heartbreakers and Fakers – Published 2021

“Penny Harris just ruined her life.

As one of the most popular girls in school, she’s used to being invited to every party, is dating the Jordan Parker, and can’t wait to rule senior year with her best friend, Olivia. But when Penny wakes up on Jordan’s lawn the morning after his first-day-of-summer bash, she knows something went terribly wrong the night before.

She kissed Kai Tanaka.

Kai, her long-time nemesis. Kai, Olivia’s boyfriend. Penny can’t figure out what could have inspired her to do it–she loves Jordan and she would never hurt Olivia–but one thing’s for sure: freshly dumped, and out a best friend, the idyllic summer she pictured is over.

And despite the fact that Jordan seems to be seeking comfort (and a whole lot more) in Olivia, all Penny can think about is winning him back. Kai wants to save his relationship too, so they come up with a plan: convince their friends that they really do have feelings for each other. After all, no one can resist a good love story, and maybe seeing Penny and Kai together will make Jordan and Olivia change their minds.

But as summer heats up, so does Penny and Kai’s “relationship,” and Penny starts to question whether she’s truly faking it with Kai, if he’s really as terrible as she always thought he was, and if the life she’s fighting so hard to get back is the one she really wants.” – Goodreads


Thank you to Netgalley, Penguin Teen and @PRHAudio for the complimentary ebook and audiobook. I love YA reads, so I am so happy to be a #PenguinTeenPartner !

If you like YA books with a ton of drama, absolutely check this one out. Penny wakes up one morning in her boyfriend’s yard, alone, hungover and not able to remember the night before. A night that was supposed to be really special between her and her boyfriend, until she has a glimpse into her blackout night and realizes she kissed her enemy, who just so happens to also be her best friend’s boyfriend.

A fake relationship and a lot of mean girl drama ensues.

This story is told in Then & Now alternating perspectives as you get the whole story of what happened and what lead up to it. I thought it was a little longer than necessary, kind of dragging a bit in places, but overall a very good YA drama-filled story!

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