Patrick Loves Love|Review

Patrick Loves Love – Publishing 2021

“Patrick Healy loves his friends, loves his job, and loves all things Harry Potter. But when it comes to falling in love, he hasn’t found his match. Until he meets Kelsey Elliot, the older sister to his friend Nick. All it took was one night, and he was hooked. But Patrick discovers that Kelsey is hiding a secret. Convinced she needs his help to untangle herself from whatever she’s gotten herself into, he quickly discovers that maybe love isn’t enough to fix Kelsey’s broken dreams or her heart.

Kelsey Elliot is done with love. After a dismal breakup and living on her parents’ couch, she decides to go to Miami with her brother and sister-in-law for a change of scenery and hopefully get a job interview at The Miami Times. Nothing is going to get in the way of her dream job as a journalist, especially not her brother’s hot friend, Patrick. Despite her resolve, old feelings are quickly rekindled when they live in the same house together. Now Kelsey has to decide if she can hold onto her dream and the man she’s fallen for, or if circumstances out of her control force her to choose between the two.” – Goodreads


Thank you to Sophie Sinclair for the eARC of this wonderful book! I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of Lindsay Love Loves after devouring the Coffee Girl series, and I cannot say enough good things about this author! She’s incredible! If you haven’t read any of her books, you’re missing out on steamy and hilarious books with wonderful friendships, family members, and side characters mixed in.

PLL did not disappoint, to say the least. Patrick is nerdy, sweet, and so hilarious. His friendship with Lindsey will have you laughing out loud.

Sophie has a way of making you really love side characters, and I am so excited about the third book and who it will focus on!

If you haven’t read a book by this author yet, you’re missing out!

TW: infidelity, Harry Potter


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