Waiting for the Night Song|Review

Waiting for the Night Song – Published 2020

“Cadie Kessler has spent decades trying to cover up one truth. One moment. But deep down, didn’t she always know her secret would surface?

An urgent message from her long-estranged best friend Daniela Garcia brings Cadie, now a forestry researcher, back to her childhood home. There, Cadie and Daniela are forced to face a dark secret that ended both their idyllic childhood bond and the magical summer that takes up more space in Cadie’s memory then all her other years combined.

Now grown up, bound by long-held oaths, and faced with truths she does not wish to see, Cadie must decide what she is willing to sacrifice to protect the people and the forest she loves, as drought, foreclosures, and wildfire spark tensions between displaced migrant farm workers and locals.” – Goodreads


I won a copy of this book from a BookSparks giveaway! PSA, it’s on Hoopla, for my audiobook lovers!

This book is really interesting. It’s a story of how the truth always comes to light. It’s told in present day, when a body has been found, and “that summer” when a couple of young girls helped cover up a murder. Cadie now works in entomology and forestry, researching how certain bugs can lead to forest fires. It’s evident that so much of her life has been defined by what happened when she was a young girl, and she has never really been able to cope with it because the truth has yet to surface.

This is also the story of true friendship in its purest form: children. It repeatedly reminded me of Gold Diggers. Does anyone remember that movie? Obviously it’s a bit darker than that movie, but it has many of the same elements, nature, friendship, a kid in poor living conditions.

I think this one moved a little too slowly for me at times, but overall I thought it was an interesting and enjoyable read. It’s written beautifully, and the story of the friendships are so endearing.

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