Break the Stone|Review

Break the Stone – Published 2021

“For years, Raelyn Bell desperately searches for any connection to her deceased Ma and finally stumbles upon a hidden trunk. She doesn’t have time to learn what’s inside when Pa uproots her from the only home she’s ever known, leaving the mysterious trunk behind.

Meanwhile, Specialist Kody Walsh focuses on his advancement in the army. Raelyn walks into his life and derails his plans. They awaken a spark inside each other, but deny their interest. Forced to work together, Raelyn and Kody find evidence that her Ma might still be alive. While hunting for the truth, the two grow closer as complications and danger arises.

Will Raelyn ever find out what really happened to Ma? Will Kody tear down his walls and let Raelyn into his heart? Or will the challenges tear them apart?” – Goodreads


This is a book that really sucks you in from the beginning. It doesn’t ease its way into the action; it happens almost immediately. This was a different type of book than I’ve read recently, and I really enjoyed the change. Swindon is a talented author whose deliberate writing is interesting and engaging.

I enjoyed the relationship between Kody and Raelyn and how it progressed. Raelyn so desperately wants to find out more about her deceased mother, which is heartbreaking. That emotional appeal to readers really gets you from the beginning. I also thought the pacing was great. Ultimately, I was able to read this one pretty quickly and enjoyed it! There’s a sequel releasing this summer, and I believe it’ll be part of a trilogy, so there’s more to come!

Thank you to the author for sending me an ARC of this book!

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