Home is Where You Are|Review

Home is Where You Are – Published 2020

“Olivia Sinclair left her dreams of a music career behind, along with her hopes for love and a family. With her husband having left her for more fertile pastures, she’s content to focus her energy on her thriving bakery, a new home, and an ornery rescue cat named Mama. That is until Liv’s best friend drags her to a concert where she meets the handsome (and much younger) frontman of the popular band, Midnight in Dallas.

Jaxon Slade is looking for a little inspiration. Up against a deadline, his ability to write music has escaped him. But when he meets Liv backstage, all of that changes. Jax is instantly captivated by her witty sense of humor and effortlessly beautiful voice. As the two grow closer, he begins to see a future with Liv by his side. All he has to do is convince her that their connection is worth the risk.

But when Jax suggests taking their relationship to the stage as a duo, fame makes some of the most painful details of Liv’s past public, testing her belief in their relationship and herself. Liv must decide between being the woman the world and her ex told her she was, or choosing the woman she was always meant to be. Home Is Where You Are, the first in the Midnight In Dallas series, is a story of love, friendship, and the family we choose.” – Goodreads


Hey, Melissa Grace…

I won your ebook in a giveaway, and you messaged me to tell me you were sending me a signed copy instead, once you saw I was a teacher. I knew from the get that you were just the sweetest human and that I was going to love your book. I knew from page 3 that I was hooked. Olivia has been through some stuff, and you put it all out there right from the beginning. One chapter in and I was getting serious Makeup Artist vibes (which I adore), and had an inkling you were a fellow Norman Reedus fan.

I absolutely loved the alternating POVs, and I love that even though Jax is this celebrity rockstar that he just goes for what he wants; he isn’t arrogant, he doesn’t play games, and he just genuinely wants to be with Liv. I like that he didn’t play hard to get, he didn’t leave the ball in her court waiting to see who reaches out first, he just continually asked to spend time with her because he likes her.

This story is interesting, heartwarming, and so enjoyable. It’s sweet, romantic, and it’ll make you so hungry with all of the mentionings of food and baked goods. And let me tell you, I don’t even like red velvet cake, but I have been craving a red velvet hot chocolate since finishing this book.

Thank you for sharing this book with me. I loved it so much! If you’re looking for a feel good read that’ll make you hungry, please check out this indie author’s novel!

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