Whitehall Baby|Review

Whitehall Baby – Published 2021

“One night changes everything…

She’s an aspiring fashionista with her eyes on her career.

He’s a government official who’s married to his country.

From the moment Charlotte Bellswain and Arthur Ellison meet, their chemistry is off the charts.

Everything about them is wrong, but neither of them can resist one stolen night together.

Even if the consequences are life changing.

He warns her he’ll let her down. More than once. And that the eyes of the country are on them both.

That doesn’t stop her hoping that he might just change his ways and grow a heart.

Can a creative soul and an analytical mind put aside their differences and navigate this pregnancy together? They need to make their minds up as time is running out…” – Goodreads


A huge thank you to Laura Barnard and BookSprouts for the ARC of this romcom!

Two people from very different backgrounds and an accidental baby. Two very likable tropes.

Charlotte is so relatable, especially when she was pregnant and going through “morning” sickness and an upset stomach (iykyk). She’s such a hilarious MC, so honest! She was a bit self-deprecating, but overall very enjoyable. Arthur was also an enjoyable MC, and I appreciated his straightforwardness.

As bad as I felt for Charlotte so many times during this book, it had me laughing quite a bit, and I thought this was an enjoyable read!


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