Westmount Island|Review

Westmount Island Series – Published March 2021

Book One (Falling Fast):

What if love at first sight was real?


I fell in love on a ferry.

Sounds like the headline for a cheesy made-for-tv movie, doesn’t it? But for me, Ella Michaels from Westmount Island, it’s the truth. Marcus is nothing like me. He’s confident, bold, sexy, and oh, did I mention he’s a millionaire? And for some reason, he’s apparently crazy about me. Even though most of my friends are from the books that I read and I can’t use a real swear word without sweating. But the island is my home, and he’s a big city billionaire. What happens when his visit is over?


I did not want to come to this island. I definitely did not want to enjoy small-town life. I absolutely did not want to fall for a woman who puts Disney princesses to shame with her beauty and heart. But that’s exactly what happened the second I met Ella. She’s the calm to my storm and she’s making me re-evaluate what’s really important in life. It turns out, the answer to that isn’t money or success. It’s love. How do I prove to her that our lives may be very different, but I’ll do whatever it takes to be with her?

Book Two (Falling Again):

Love finds you when you least expect it…


I came home to Westmount Island, and my two sisters, after a terrifying experience overseas. I miss the confident and carefree person I used to be and the sleepy small town we grew up in is just what the doctor (or therapist in this case) ordered. But I have no intention of staying; my dream is to travel the world. Until Sam and his son Toby come along, and I start to see that falling in love could be the answer to what I’ve been searching for all along.


When my wife died in childbirth, I accepted that love wasn’t in the cards for me. As a self-employed, single dad, I don’t know what I’d have to offer a woman at this point, anyway. Westmount Island seems like the perfect place to start over: a quiet backdrop for my writing career and a slower, more relaxed life for my son Toby and I. But when Toby stumbles into Kayla Michaels on the ferry, that plan goes out the window. She brings fun, chaos, and happiness back into our lives. I never saw her coming, but now I can’t imagine life without her.

Book Three (Falling Forever):

Love is about moving on from the past and creating a future…


The pain of my first and only heartbreak has kept me alone for ten years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, successful, and content watching my sisters fall in love and start their own families. At least I was… until Mac came back to town. Now he’s stirring up memories and feelings that I wish would stay buried. But what if I was wrong all those years ago? What if one misunderstanding cost me my one chance at true love?


There’s a reason I moved away from our small town on Westmount Island, and it has two names. Tawny Michaels. She broke my heart, and I vowed never to let her get close enough to do that again. When my family needs me to come home, I know I’ll have to face her eventually. But nothing can prepare me for the moment we come face to face again. She still owns my heart, but after everything that happened, can we build the future we used to dream about?


If you’re looking for some really steamy, quick reads, this series of novellas is perfect for you. They’re each connected in the sense that three sisters each have their own love story. They’re all small-town romances, and they’re all super romantic, funny, and steamy.

These helped me get out of a bit of a reading slump, because they read so quickly. You can read all three in one sitting, and you’ll like each one even more than the last. There’s the local teacher’s story, the sister who reluctantly comes back to town and falls for a single dad, and a friends to lovers second chance at love story.

Thank you to Julia Jarrett for sharing ARCs of these with me! I met her in Drunk Book Club, and she’s so funny! Help support this indie author and check out her books on KU!

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