Electric Kingdom|Review

Electric Kingdom – Published 2021

“When a deadly Fly Flu sweeps the globe, it leaves a shell of the world that once was. Among the survivors are eighteen-year-old Nico and her dog, on a voyage devised by Nico’s father to find a mythical portal; a young artist named Kit, raised in an old abandoned cinema; and the enigmatic Deliverer, who lives Life after Life in an attempt to put the world back together. As swarms of infected Flies roam the earth, these few survivors navigate the woods of post-apocalyptic New England, meeting others along the way, each on their own quest to find life and light in a world gone dark. The Electric Kingdom is a sweeping exploration of love, art, storytelling, eternal life, and above all, a testament to the notion that even in an exterminated world, one person might find beauty in another.” – Goodreads


I will read every book David Arnold publishes. And he’s going to knock it out of the park every single time.

Let me just say that reading a book about flies that carry a deadly illness during a pandemic is more than a little creepy. As with any David Arnold book, it’s going to have twists and turns that you don’t see coming, but the journey along the way always feels oddly comforting (even though a post-apocalyptic world should be anything but comforting). His writing style is just so beautiful, witty and interesting.

These characters are truly alone in the world. There are so few people left, and they’re just trying to survive. It’s character driven, sometimes gruesome, haunting, and thought provoking. It really shows what’s important in life (family, friends, stories, hope, dogs).

If you haven’t read a book by this author yet, you’re missing out. Happy Pub Day to this beautiful book!


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