The Pearl in the Darkness|Review

The Pearl in the Darkness – Published 2020

“In a not-so-distant future, recurring acts of terrorism lead to the abolishment of all religions. Believers taking a stand against the ruling are placed in institutions. All existing Bibles, Quranands, and Vedas are destroyed—or so they thought.

Leora Smith, a witty, thirty-year-old medical transcriptionist, lives a quiet life due to a debilitating disorder and unwavering faith that must be kept hidden. Her world is turned upside down when a celestial being informs her of the forthcoming apocalypse and assigns her to recruit experts imperative to the subsistence of the society that will remain when the dust settles. 

Each recruit has a story that can only be seen behind closed doors. Leora’s childhood friend and numerous enlightened allies band together in an effort to persuade the best and brightest. 

As nature bends in accordance to the plan, Leora’s preconceived notions of everything good and evil are about to be tested.” – Goodreads


I’ve been following and connecting with Santana on social media for a while now, and when she asked me to read her book I was so honored. This week was very challenging, and I hadn’t read at all, but once I started this one I knew it was exactly what I needed.

This post apocalyptic world is not that hard to imagine, especially with today’s political climate. Religion has been completely washed out, and the end of humanity as we know it is soon to be gone. A new world, however, will soon begin, and two of those selected to recruit the perfect individuals for this world are none other than Leora (Leo) and her best friend from childhood, Hollis.

I absolutely adored both Leo and Hollis and thought they were witty and lovable. I’m a little partial to Hollis because I found him so utterly endearing, but Leo was also strong and the perfect MC. I also love when a feminine name can be shortened to a typically more masculine one. (We call my daughter Lenny).

While religion was a main theme in this fantasy, and the characters’ faith was important, the plot was driven by the need to recruit individuals to help create this new world.

I really look forward to reading the next in this series, and am so grateful Santana trusted me to be a part of her blog tour!


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