Lindsey Love Loves|Review

A huge thank you to Sophie Sinclair for sending me a copy of the ebook to read early!

Lindsey Love LovesPublished 2020

“Lindsey Love’s career as a food critic is suddenly taking off when she’s approached by Food and Travel to take her show to Europe. What could be more fun than to travel with her best friend Patrick, eat amazing food, and see the sights? What she doesn’t bargain for is the surly, egotistical producer with the icy glare, dimples, and a penchant for questioning her every move.

Nick Elliot, ex-Navy SEAL turned producer, finds himself suddenly thrown into a project he doesn’t want to take on. Producing a snotty food critic’s show over in Europe is not at the top of his agenda. She’s stubborn, sassy, and he finds himself inextricably drawn to her.

When things go awry abroad, Nick has to make the decision to save his own future or give up everything to protect Lindsey.” – Goodreads


Ya’ll know I was obsessed with the Coffee Girl series, so when Sophie Sinclair posted signups for her new book, I had to get in on that! While this book brought me new characters, it still felt a little like going back to that series, because Sinclair’s writing style is so funny and sweet.

Lindsey is hilarious. Patrick is endearing, and Nick is swoonworthy. I absolutely devoured this book in two sittings and stayed up way past my bedtime to finish it. This one has some action (and danger) that Coffee Girl didn’t have, and I am here for it.

Hate to Love Trope + Slow Burn + Food + Travel + Sticky Situations = Obsessed

Lindsey is quirky (and talks to herself a lot, and it’s hilarious) and Nick is stubborn and cranky, but their chemistry is undeniable and I was rooting for them the entire time.

Cannot recommend this author enough! Snag this one on release day TOMORROW!

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