Dear Justyce|Review

Dear Justyce – Published 2020

“Shortly after teenager Quan enters a not guilty plea for the shooting death of a police officer, he is placed in a holding cell to await trial. Through a series of flashbacks and letters to Justyce, the protagonist of Dear Martin, Quan’s story unravels.

From a troubled childhood and bad timing to a coerced confession and prejudiced police work, Nic Stone’s newest novel takes an unflinching look at the flawed practices and ideologies that discriminate against African American boys and minorities in the American justice system.” – Goodreads


It’s been a while since I read Dear Martin, so I was worried I wouldn’t love this sequel with the same intensity. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. This is an intense and powerful read. It completely sucked me in, and I finished it in one quick sitting.

This occurs right after Dead Martin and focuses on Quan, a teen born into less privilege than Justyce. He gives us insight on the juvenile detention system and how outcomes can be so different for teens of color. Through his letters to Justyce, we get the story of Quan’s childhood and what led him to be detained.

This book is heavy, interesting, and important. 100 percent read this one ASAP.


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