The Rules|Book Review

The RulesReleases July 24, 2020

“Dani Petrillo’s friends are settling down faster than she can escape her latest one-night stand. After her best friend’s wedding, she decides it’s time to leave the single life behind and find true love. She joins a dating site that makes a bold promise—Eight Dates to Your Soulmate—if you can follow their dating bootcamp rules. The first one? No sleeping with any of your matches until the eight dates are over. Sure, she wants to find a good guy, but she also knows that no sex for months isn’t going to work for her. Luckily, she’s always been good at bending the rules.

Dylan Pierce doesn’t do commitment, and if his genes are any indication, he wasn’t made for it anyway. He’s also been trying to get his hot friend Dani into bed for years, so he’s ecstatic when she suggests a friends with benefits arrangement while she’s participating in some dating bootcamp nonsense. She gets her, um, needs taken care of while she looks for love, and he gets to sleep with Dani, no strings attached. Win/win.

But when lines start to blur, their arrangement feels more and more like dating and Dylan feels less and less like sending her off to some other guy when they’re done. It might mean breaking some of his own dating rules, but he wants Dani for himself. Convincing her he’s worth it is a lot harder than being her stand-in, though. Add in keeping the entire thing a secret from their tight group of friends, and the rules of the game just got a lot more complicated.” – Goodreads


I read The Catch earlier this summer and absolutely adored it, so when I was approved to get a review copy of the second book in this series I was so excited!

This story follows Josh’s best friend, Dylan, and Cat’s best friend, Dani, as they navigate the murky waters of being friends with benefits, and I absolutely loved it. This second installment is even better than an already great first. The story is addictive, it’s a trope I adore, and it’s more emotional.

Lauren Mae’s writing style makes it so easy to see this story unfold in your mind as you’re reading it, and I’m so curious to know who she’d cast as Dylan and Dani if given the chance. Her writing style makes a change in POV seamless, and I loved both Dani’s and Dylan’s inner dialogue equally, where I usually prefer one in a book that switches.

I said, after reading book one, that the group of friends each character had were one of my favorite things about the book, so having the story of two more characters was really enjoyable. More than that, though, we got to see some struggles within the group this go and a glimpse into Cat and Josh’s newlywed status and situation. I won’t spoil anything, but at one point Cat and Dani’s friendship is tested, and Dylan is there to help her through it, and it’s just so emotional that I cried. Like actual tears. Who am I?

Thank you, Lauren Mae, for gifting me this copy of your beautiful book. You are so talented!

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