The Tourist Attraction|Book Review


more than I should

The Tourist Attraction – Published May 2020

When Graham Barnett named his diner The Tourist Trap, he meant it as a joke. Now he’s stuck slinging reindeer dogs to an endless string of resort visitors who couldn’t interest him less. Not even the sweet, enthusiastic tourist in the corner who blushes every time he looks her way…

Two weeks in Alaska isn’t just the top item on Zoey Caldwell’s bucket list. It’s the whole bucket. One look at the mountain town of Moose Springs and she’s smitten. But when an act of kindness brings Zoey into Graham’s world, she may just find there’s more to the man than meets the eye…and more to love in Moose Springs than just the Alaskan wilderness. ” – Goodreads


This setting is perfect. I’ve always wanted to travel to Alaska, and I love, love, love books set in a small town, far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. Moose Springs is so, so, charming. The local business owners have a phone tree to give heads up warnings about health inspectors coming to town, they buy goods from one another, they have one another’s backs, and they hate tourists.

Lately I’ve loved books with guys that just go for it and don’t play games. Graham, though he struggles with whether or not it’s a good idea, goes after what he wants, and what he wants is Zoey. He is such a funny, quick-witted, thoughtful, swoon-worthy MC. Some of the things he said in conversation had me laughing so hard!

The romance, the chemistry, and the adventures that Zoey and Graham have were perfect for a vacation romance. Even though this is set in Alaska, and the cover has a Christmas vibe, this is actually a great summer read.

Ulysses, the moose, is the unsung hero of this novel. Ulysses loves the smell of the buns that Graham keeps in his truck. Like he really, really likes the smell, if you catch my drift. It is so funny to me that Graham has struck up a friendship with a moose.


Graham is supposedly this grumpy guy who isn’t nice to anyone, and while he may not be extra charming to his customers, it is very clear from the very beginning that he is thoughtful and kind. He has close friendships that he’s had all his life that he hangs out with, he gets invited places, everyone in town knows him, and he talks to his parents regularly. Oh, and he has a blind dog named Jake that he dresses up. So, the “grumptastic hero” quote on the front cover is misleading.

The first half had me laughing out loud so many times. Then it got pretty romantic, sweet and serious. I wish the humor could have remained as strong throughout!

5 star


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