Day One (a QUARANTINE ROMANCE!!!!)|Book Review

more than I should

Day One – Published 2020

“My thoughts of how I’m going to survive this indefinite amount of time alone are interrupted by a notification from my Tinder app.

Yes, we’re on quarantine. Yes, I reactivated my account out of pure boredom. And, yes, Drew’s one profile photo is smoking hot.

I hit Reply.

Day by day, as the world tries to stay healthy, we find creative ways to pass the time together. #alonetogether

We quickly find out that getting to know each other is the easy part; staying away from one another is the challenge.” – Goodreads


Everything. The caption on the cover is “A Rom Com Feel a Good Quarantine Romance”, and it is truly all of those things. The author, Lauren Runow, started posting a chapter a day on Facebook and readers asked for her to publish it in its entirety. I immediately purchased it once I saw someone post about it online and the author told me I got a physical copy before her! Thanks, Amazon!

You guys, this book is so good. It’s a short, fast-paced read, and it captures what life during this pandemic is like so well. The MC is a teacher, so I could relate to her even more. Zoom meetings, distance learning, messy buns, and the quest for toilet paper…it’s all so real! I can’t wait to re read this one in 10 years and remember what it felt like to have to FaceTime your loved ones, to be unable to touch one another, and to be trapped at home for so long. Yes, this is a romance, but it’s also a diary we all could have written, especially if your stay at home order lasted as long as ours!

Drew and Sharee are genuine and kind, and they aren’t coming with a bunch of baggage or resistance. They’re both looking for a relationship, and they’re not playing games. That helps make this a feel good story, despite it being set in the midst of a global pandemic. I laughed, I swooned, and I fell in love with these characters!


Any author that takes on writing a feel good romance during a global pandemic and getting it published before the stay at home order was even lifted deserves no critiques. Protect her at all costs and buy this book.

5 star


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