Top 10 Tuesday | My Go to Recs!

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This week, for Top 10 Tuesday, I am listing 10 of my go to book recommendations (in no particular order)!

  1. The Great Alone
  2. Matched (YA Dystopian series)
  3. The Selection (YA Dystopian series)
  4. Harry Potter (Duh…)
  5. Twilight (Did you see the announcement yesterday?!)
  6. Orbiting Jupiter (YA, good for resistent readers, quick read)
  7. Nice Try, Jane Sinner (YA contemporary, hilarious)
  8. Between Shades of Grey (Soviet takeover in Lithuania, historical fiction)
  9. On the Island (A tutor finds herself on a deserted island with only her student)
  10. Delirium (YA Dystopian series)



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