Shatter Me Series|Review


more than I should

I read the first Shatter Me book and really liked it. I decided to wait until I finished the rest of the series before I reviewed them because I read them so close together during the first days of Quarantine. I’ve tried to separate them in my mind so that I could give my honest thoughts. If you haven’t read this series, this review will contain spoilers!

Shatter Me – Previously reviewed – 5 stars – Incredible metaphor and story really draws you in

Unravel Me – Made me hate Adam and love Warner. This might be my favorite book of the series.

Ignite Me – LOVED this one, too. This one made me really wonder about the timeframe of these, because at this point there wasn’t mention of computers or phones other than the simulations. There were also seemingly random things brought up like Power Rangers or Bruce Lee. I assume this is pretty far in the future, but how far are we talkin’? Did I miss that?

Restore Me – Just okay for me. Moved a little slow until the very end.

Novellas – Unite Me & Find Me – Loved these! I adore Kenji and really enjoyed having his POV.

Defy Me – I honestly didn’t really care about the backstory and their pasts. I just want them battling bad guys and having love triangles. Least favorite of the series for me!

Imagine Me – The finale of this series was a slow build and then an abrupt end. I am fine with the ending. Do I think it is believable that things would work out the way they did? No. Do I care that the author chose to give it that happy ending? Also no.

If you’re digging in your heels on this series like I was for so long, give in. The love stories are addicting, there’s a ton of plot action, and there are enough books to keep you busy during this strange time! Even though they’re not all slam dunks for me, the series itself gets 5 stars!



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