O.W.L.s Magical Readathon 2020



Due to COVID-19, I was actually able to actively participate in some readathons this month (and for the foreseeable future). I had someone never heard for this readathon before, which is shocking because it’s HUGE. If you live under the same rock that I do, the O.W.L.s Magical Readathon is a month-long event hosted by Book Roast, and it is…magical! It’s so well-organized and thoughtful. There are links to everything you’d need to participate, a place to track your reading, suggestions for various prompts, and really creative and beautiful templates to print out for your #bookstagram pleasure.

So, the first thing you do is explore the various careers available and then decide which books to read for the prompts required of the courses those careers need.  I did this in reverse, however. I looked over the prompts and decided what I thought matched some of my immediate TBR choices and then figured out which careers were best suited. I decided on brook maker and seer. That being said, I did end up meeting more of the prompts because I read a ton in April. Full recap coming soon!

Here are all of the prompts:

Ancient Runes – Heart rune – a book with a heart on the cover or in the title – The Best Laid Plans

Arithmancy – Magical qualities of number 2 – balance/opposites – read something outside your favorite genre – The Nightingale (historical fiction)

Care of Magical Creatures – Hippogriffs – creature with a beak on the cover – did not meet

Charms – Lumos Maxima – white cover –  Restore Me

Defense Against the Dark Arts – Grindylows – a book set at sea/coast – did not meet

Divination – Third eye – assign numbers to your TBR and use a random number generator to pick your read – A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Herbology – Mimulus Mimbletonia – stars with M – Meet Me at Midnight

History of Magic – Witch hunts – a book featuring witches/wizards – Crave

Muggle Studies – Book from perspective of a muggle – contemporary – The Flatshare

Potions – Shrinking Solution – a book under 150 pages – Find Me

Transfiguration – Animagus lecture – book/series with shapeshifting – did not meet

At the beginning of the month I was motivated to tackle the 7 books needed to achieve both careers and thought it ambitious, but I ended up reading over double what was required. Overall, a successful readathon that I’ll gladly partake in again!





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