The Five Finger Book Stack Challenge


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I recently participated in a #bookstagram challenge called #fivefingerstack that has been around for a while now. Here are the prompts:

PINKY (A BOOK YOU PROMISE TO READ): Little Fires Everywhere. My grandma just finished this one and sent it over to me, and my sister & mom have been watching the show, so I will give this one a try. I’ve read another by this author, Everything I Never Told you

RING (A BOOK WITH A CHARACTER YOU’D MERRY): Josh from The Friend Zone. So freakin’ dreamy.

MIDDLE (A BOOK YOU DID NOT LIKE): Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m OverJust wasn’t for me.

POINTER (A BOOK YOU WOULD ALWAYS RECOMMEND): Delirium is one of my go-to recs for people who love Dystopian or are resistant readers.

THUMB (A BOOK YOU GIVE THUMBS UP TO): This Adventure Ends and really anything by Emma Mills!

Anything you agree or disagree with!?


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