The Bridge of Little Jeremy | ARC Review


The Bridge of Little Jeremy – Published 2019

“Jeremy’s mother is about to go to prison for their debt to the State. He is trying everything within his means to save her, but his options are running out fast.

Then Jeremy discovers a treasure under Paris.

This discovery may save his mother, but it doesn’t come for free. And he has to ride over several obstacles for his plan to work.

Meanwhile, something else is limiting his time…” – Goodreads


Any time I receive an ARC I am super thankful and appreciative. Admittedly, I was pretty absent from the blogging world for a while, as I had a baby in March and didn’t have a ton of time for reading. I apologize sincerely for this to the author who graciously sent me an advanced copy of this book! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

finally got around to reading it, as it was my “at school” book for a while. My students get reading time once a week and I like to demonstrate good reading during that time, too. We had a long weekend this past week and I was able to finish it!

It touches on many topics that are relevant today and informative. While the story opens with young Jeremy, I do believe it’s meant for an older audience in terms of enjoyment. These topics include taxes, health care, family issues, and more.

This is really a story of resilience, of a story growing up and holding onto innocence when the harsh realities of life are trying to take him down.


I am hesitant to ever bash a book that was sent to me free of charge, but I’ll say that in order for the story to draw me in, I had to be in a particular reading mood. This is not a story I would read if I was looking for an escape from my every day life, as it’s pretty heavy. It’s better for a an afternoon at a coffee shop or wrapped in a blanket.


4 stars


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