2020 Reading Resolutions

I don’t typically get into resolutions or goals for the year outside of reading and coaching, but this year is a little different. I want to spend less time on Facebook getting mad about the ignorance of many, I want to take more pictures of my kids that have my husband I in them, and I want to declutter my closet.

Reading, however, is something I’ve always set a goal for. 2019 was my worst reading year in a long, long time, and I’m okay with it. Pregnancy and maternity leave kept me from reading much, and even though I vowed to read and blog more, it just didn’t happen. (See baby above) I’ve read each night before bed since 2020 started, so I am off to a good start. However, I need to spend more time on it, as it positively affects my mental health and just makes me feel good. That being said, here are my 2020 Reading Resolutions:

  1. Read every day. Even if it’s just a few minutes to help me fall asleep, I’m going to try to make it happen every single day.
  2. Blog more. I blogged 21 times, which is something, but it’s not even an average of once a month. I would like to post at least once a week in 2020.
  3. Grow my Instagram following. My DMs haven’t been working for months, and even though I have reported this issue multiple times, it hasn’t been fixed. Because of this, it has deterred me from the #bookstagram world because I’m annoyed that my messages aren’t working. If anyone has any fixes, that would be amazing.
  4. Tackle my immediate TBR before adding anything new. There are a LOT of really great books coming out this year, and while I am super excited about them, I also have books that I’ve been looking forward to for much longer just sitting on my shelves collecting dust.
  5. Read 100 books. I read 70 in 2018 and like 30 in 2019. I am aiming big this year. This is about 2 a week; I think I can do it. I certainly could afford to spend less time playing ToonBlast, that’s for sure.


I’ll do some check-ins throughout the year to evaluate how I’m doing. Fingers crossed for a better reading year!

What is one of your reading resolutions for 2020? 


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