What I’m Reading and My Vow to Blog More

Last year I started my blog and had so much fun creating my site, reading outside in the sun, and reviewing books every couple of days. I fell in love with the bookish community, creating a #bookstagram account on Instagram, and constantly adding to my TBR pile. I even completely moved my blog over to WordPress a couple of months in, as my old site wasn’t cutting it for me, and wasn’t allowing me to have followers.

Flashforward a year and I have a three month old baby, a busy toddler, and it’s been nice enough to read outside like once in the last month.

I’m trying, though. I’m reading here and there, completing tags once in a while, and even taking a couple of pictures. My goal is to blog more, especially once school starts back up in the fall. It’s easier, somehow, for me to find time to read when I have more going on. On maternity leave/summer, I can waste hours on my phone, watching tv, or just sitting in silence.

Anyway, here’s what I am reading right now:

Image result for the summer i turned pretty

I really liked TATBILB, so I figured I’d give this a go. It’s cute so far.

I’m one of the few who have NOT read BLL, so I’ve gotta figure it out.

Current audiobook.

Image result for life and death twilight

Another audiobook. I’ve had it downloaded for years. I’m so, so, so bad at audiobooks.

Image result for elton john biography book

I can tell this pales in comparison to Elton’s autobiography coming out this fall, so it’s quite possible I won’t finish this one.


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