Summer Blog Promo Tour Wrap-Up


Well, it’s official. Our Summer Blog Promo Tour, which has spanned the last two months, is now over. A huge thank you to The Book Bratz for hosting such a fun summer project! I head back to work tomorrow, even though the kids don’t yet, so it’s sort of fitting that I am a day late for this post, as our #SBPT is coming to an end at the same time as my summer.

I am super thankful for this experience, as it really helped me to grow as a blogger. I only just started my book blog at the end of the school year, and as I enter this school year I feel like I sort of know what I’m doing now. A huge part of that is because Becky has been so awesome in helping me learn and grow. She is seriously such a great person and such an accomplished book blogger and BookTuber!

Here are some of my favorite highlights from our posts:

#1 Favorite: Try a Chapter Tag. I loved trying out the books that Becky picked for me and had so much fun writing this post!

#2 Favorite: My Reviews of the Books Becky Picked for Me! I ended up falling in love with three of these books. I will admit, I still haven’t finished Splintered…but I will!

#3 Favorite: Books We’d Like to See Made into Movies. I really liked our collaborative posts the most and this one was no exception.

I would have to say the hardest part of this was the month of August. In July I was ON it and blogging and reading all of the time, but in August life got a bit more chaotic for both Becky and myself and most of our posts came a day or two late. Oops!

I definitely would like to participate in another promo tour, as I’ve not only grown as a blogger through it, but I’ve also discovered so many blogs that I enjoy following.

A huge thank you to Becky for putting up with me and answering all of my questions and pushing me to be a better blogger. You’re the best!

Until next time…


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