A Week of Blogging: Friday|Favorite Childhood Reads

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite books from MY childhood as well as some of my favorite children’s books to read TO my daughter. Enjoy!

My Favorites: The Early Years

The Boxcar Children – This is my earliest memory of reading on my own. I vividly remember telling my kindergarten teacher I was reading the series and she was like, “Okay, sure you are…”, but I actually was. My mom read to me like every night of my life until my sisters were born (8 & 12 years later) when she started making me read to them, too. So, yeah, I started reading on my own super early. Turns out, reading to your kid works.

Wacky Wednesday – This is actually one that I love reading to my daughter, too. If you haven’t read this one to a child, please do it. It’s so fun. It rhymes and there are “wacky” things on each page that are fun to have kids point out. So far Len can’t pick anything wacky out, and she’ll just point to totally normal things, but someday she’ll get it. And one night I even hung a shoe on the wall before we read it to surprise her.

Goosebumps – I didn’t get into the regular Goosebumps books as much as everyone else, but I LOVED those choose-your-own-ending ones, especially if they were metallic like this one. However, I always ended up going back and trying both endings so I didn’t get shafted out of half a book.

R.L. Stine Fear Street books – I was obsessed with these.  I remember my mom taking me to the local used bookstore and searching for those red blood splatters on the spine. This particular one was super spooky at the time.

Mary Higgins Clark books – I read these in elementary school/early middle school, which would probably be frowned upon by most parents. I started reading these because my mom would read them and had a ton of them, and I for sure wasn’t going to read her Danielle Steel or Nora Roberts books (because she wouldn’t let me). This one, in particular, was SO scary to me that I stayed up all night finishing it on my parents’ bedroom floor.

My Favorites: Middle/High School Years

Gossip Girl – Well before it became a show, it was a really awesome book series that a friend of mine introduced me to. The show, to be honest, is also awesome.

Harry Potter – What a surprise that this is on here, right? Some of my favorite memories of reading involve those midnight book release parties. I even went to an obscure independent bookstore on Mackinac Island when one of the books came out, because I couldn’t wait until I got back home, and I knew my mom was going to read it before me, anyway! The first book, however, was given to me before Harry Potter really took off; my aunt gave it to me for Christmas after she read it. It sat on my shelves for a few months because, “Oh cool, thanks for the USED book for Christmas…”, but when I procrastinated on a book report and needed to read something quick, I fell in love with Hogwarts real, real fast.

Someone Like You and other Sarah Dessen books – I read a few of her books when the same friend who recommended GG said this was her favorite author. I really liked them at the time, and when I went to see the movie How to Deal I was like, “OMG I’ve READ this!” because it combines two of her books!

Books I like to read to my daughter:

All of Laurie Keller’s books – I haven’t read her these yet, but Laurie’s my dad’s cousin, so we have them all, and I can’t wait until Len can actually appreciate how adorable they are. Plus, she’ll think it’s cool that she knows the author 🙂

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast – It rhymes foods throughout the whole book, and it’s so fun to try to read it as fast as possible.

Love – This book makes me cry nearly every time I read it. I heard Matt read this one at a reading conference, so I think I like it even more because of this.

What were some of your favorites as a child?!


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