A Week of Blogging: Wednesday|Bad Reading Habits

I’ve always been a reader, but this past year I’ve made it a priority and made extra time for it that sometimes I was guilty of giving up too easily. However, I do have some major bad habits when it comes to reading. Yikes.

  1. Book hoarding. I cannot control myself when it comes to buying, downloading, and lending books. I have SO many books stacked up to read that I know I’ll never get to them all, but it’s an actual addiction.
  2. Reading too many books at once. When I commit myself to one book, I generally finish it pretty quickly. However, I am super guilty of starting several books before finishing them. I usually have a Kindle book, a phone book, and at least 2-3 books in print.
  3. Putting off the sequel/rest of a series after I finish a really good first book. I do this a lot, and I don’t know why. Some people cruise through series’ so fast, but I tend to wait. I think it’s something about wanting to save it for later. I do this with new release standalones, too. I get it hyped up in my head and then make myself wait. It took me YEARS to finish the last Harry Potter because I didn’t want it to be over.
  4. Staying up way too late to finish a book I’m super into, and usually on a school night. When my teaching partner finally convinced me to read Twilight, I stayed up for days without sleep to finish them.
  5. Buying books because their covers look cool, and putting a book off because the cover looks lame.
  6. Avoiding books because of their name. I notice that SO many books are ____ of _____ or _____ and ______, and I know it’s wrong, but they all sound the SAME to me. A Court OF Thorns AND Roses, Grace AND Fury, Girl Made OF Stars, Children OF Blood AND Bone. You get the idea. The thing is, they’re all well-loved books, but I tend to avoid them because I can’t keep them all straight (except COBAB, which has been my audiobook for months now).
  7. Ignoring audiobooks. It takes me so long to finish an audiobook because I have a toddler, I like trashy reality television, and my “commute” to work is like 7.5 minutes. I know I’m missing out, but I can’t get into them, plus they take soooo long to finish.


What are some of your bad reading habits?!




  1. I feel you!! Trashy reality telly is great… but the struggle when it comes to hoarding is SO real. I can’t bear to throw any of my books away- but realistically when am I ever going to read them 🙂

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  2. Numbers one and 3 are so relatable. I always buy books but I never have the time to read them. I then stress myself out because I have too many.

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