This or That Book Tag

Reading in bed or on the couch?

I immediately fall asleep and drop my e-reader/phone if I am reading in bed. I’ve given up on reading actual books in bed because once I put on my headlamp (nerd alert) I am half asleep anyway. So, most of my reading happens on the couch or in a chair outside when it’s warm enough!

Male or female main character? 

It doesn’t matter to me, so long as they’re interesting!

Sweet or salty snacks while reading?

Do people snack when they’re reading? I don’t multitask that well. I save my snacking for when I take a break from reading.

Trilogies or quartets? 

Trilogies and dualogies!

First or third person POV? 

This is a big one for me. I tend to gravitate toward first person. I’m not a huge third person fan, with exceptions.

Reading at night or in the morning?

During summer it’s more of a during the day (nap time), but during the school year it’s at night after dinner or before bed.

Libraries or bookstores?

I am addicted to buying books. That being said, I do a lot of e-loans from the library.

Books that make you laugh or cry?

Both. I like a good laugh, but I also love a story that draws you in emotionally, too.

Black book covers or white book covers? 

Black. They’re easier to keep clean.

Character or plot driven?

CHARACTER. I love really awesome characters, even if there isn’t a ton going on in the plot.

That’s all, folks. I am tagging: @cassiesinthecasket 






  1. I’m totally with you on the first person POV! I usually don’t enjoy third person POV unless it’s a book with multiple characters that each get developed very well. I should get a headlamp too! It might be the nerdy thing, but it’s honestly such a good habit to have. I read on my phone in the dark, and I can feel my eyesight slowly deteriorate. 🙈Awesome post!

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